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1   Link   Rubin Foundation
Since 1995, we have searched for strategic ways to support the arts, to meet urgent human needs, to defend liberty and to promote social justice. Our grantees are notable for leadership, imagination and energy.
2   Link   Tibetcolor
The artworks of Terris and Leslie Nguyen Temple, the artists to Tsurphu Monastery, and His Holiness the Karmapa since 1992. Here you will find many galleries of contemporary and traditional paintings, silk appliques, environmental art,portraits, Tibet photos, and videos connected with these topics.
3   Link   Thondrol, liberation by sight
Thondrol, liberation by sight a definitive Tibetan art film presented by the 17th Karmapa.
4   Link   Rubin Museam of Art
Mission Statement
The Rubin Museum of Art is a nonprofit cultural and educational institution dedicated to the art of the Himalayas. Its mission is to establish, present, preserve, and document a permanent collection that reflects the vitality, complexity, and historical significance of Himalayan art and to create exhibitions and programs designed to explore connections with other world cultures. The Rubin Museum is committed to addressing a diverse audience—from connoisseurs and scholars to the general public. Through its collection, exhibitions, and programs, the Rubin Museum is an international center for the preservation, study, and enjoyment of Himalayan art.
5   Link   Buddhist Temple
Online Tibetan Art School, this site is a developing training tool for learning traditional Tibetan thangka painting.
6   Link   TibetSites
Liberation Arts, a non profit organization.

7   Link   Australian Monlam
The 1st Australian Kagyu Monlam for World Peace